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Advanced tactics manuals for U.S. and military intelligence on her foes.

Advanced tactics manuals for U.S. and military intelligence on her foes.

Advanced tactics manuals for U.S. and military intelligence on her foes.Advanced tactics manuals for U.S. and military intelligence on her foes.

Posterity Press

Our Work

Founded by a two-year combat commander and seven-year squad/platoon trainer, Posterity Press is an educational nonprofit that has been adding something unique to the written body of military knowledge—namely, enlisted wisdom. As the established U.S. authority on small-unit light-infantry maneuvers, its author has given U.S. infantry and special-operations commanders two new options in combat—more self-sufficient small-units and less overall bombardment. After providing free training to almost 60 U.S. commands, Posterity Press now mostly sells tactics/intell. manual supplements. Through periodic reference to 4th-Generation, Hybrid, Maneuver, and Asymmetric warfare, its 19 publications provide not only rare glimpses into how America’s enemies fight, but also tactical techniques advanced enough to defeat them. Several show in detail how such technique can be most easily acquired through “bottom-up” training (the collective opinions of low-ranking personnel followed by field experimentation).

H.J. "John" Poole

After almost 28 years as a commissioned or non-commissioned infantry officer, John Poole retired from the United States Marine Corps in 1993. On active duty, he studied small-unit tactics for ten years: six months at the Basic School in Quantico (1966), seven months as a platoon commander in Vietnam (1966-67), three months as a rifle company commander at Camp   Pendleton (1967), five months as a regimental headquarters company   commander in Vietnam (1968), eight months as a rifle company commander in Vietnam (1968-69), five and a half years as an instructor with the Advanced Infantry Training Company (AITC) at Camp Lejeune (1986-92), and one year as the SNCOIC of the 3rd Marine Division Combat Squad Leaders Course (CSLC) on Okinawa (1992-93).  While at AITC, he developed, taught, and refined courses of instruction on maneuver warfare, land navigation, fire support coordination, call for fire, adjust fire, close air support, M203 grenade launcher, movement to contact, daylight attack, night attack, infiltration, defense, offensive Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT), defensive MOUT, NBC defense, and leadership. While with CSLC, he further refined the same periods of instruction and developed others on patrolling. He has completed all of the correspondence school requirements for the Marine Corps Command and Staff College,   Naval War College (1000-hour curriculum), and Marine Corps Warfighting Skills Program. He is a graduate of the Camp Lejeune Instructional Management Course, the 2nd Marine Division Skill Leaders in Advanced Marksmanship (SLAM) Course, the East-Coast School of Infantry Platoon Sergeants’ Course, the Combat Squad Leader's Course (CSLC), plus three active-duty tours to the Orient. Since retirement, he has researched the   small-unit tactics of other nations, traveled extensively behind enemy lines, and written 14 tactics-and-intelligence-manual supplements. He has also conducted multi-day training sessions for 41 battalions, nine schools, and seven Special Operations units on how to conduct 4th-Generation Warfare at the small-unit level.

Political Position

 Posterity Press supports all elected and security establishment leaders by keeping them informed. On this country’s most divisive issue, it offers the following advice:

Young Americans often see their pro-life elders as insensitive to the “health and welfare” of a woman who has become pregnant under unfortunate circumstances. That could not be further from the truth. Those elders even worry about her mental health and spiritual welfare. Guilt trips can be as debilitating as physical injury, and we as humans are quick to blame ourselves whenever a death in the family occurs. In everyday life, many humanitarian issues are at stake. But none is more important than the fate of the unborn. There is no “middle of the road” on this issue. Either those tiny beating hearts and perfectly formed fingers are important, or they aren’t. Their owners have no control over their worldly father’s identity nor share in the responsibility for his misdeeds. They also have God as a parent. Each is a totally unique and inherently good creation of God with much to offer the world. For those still loved children of God who have already had an abortion, take heart. Many a Marine or Army leader has—through a mistake in judgment—also lost people for whom he was responsible. And he didn’t have inexperience or a poorly constructed law as his excuse. That unfortunately is the human condition, and we as humans must just try to do better next time. That next time is now.