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Posterity Press has now published 18 tactics/intell. manual supplements. Due to the U.S. military’s “top-down” way of doing things, its tactical techniques (maneuvers for squads and below) have not kept pace with those of foreign adversaries. While these books often start with how those adversaries fight, they end with specifics on how this U.S. small-unit shortfall can be fixed. As such, E-5’s & below tend to find them most helpful.  After multi-day training sessions with 41 bns, 9 schools, and 7 special-ops units on how advanced technique can be better acquired through "bottom-up” training, its founder (& author) has arguably become the U.S. authority on light-infantry tactics. Until the U.S. develops more of a light-infantry capability, it should not plan to win any more wars. 90% of all proceeds go to Missionaries of Charity (in SE Asia) and Hands Together (in Haiti).

Latest Titles

North Korea's Hidden Assets

“North Korea’s Hidden Assets contains 13 little-known wartime
capabilities of what has been erroneously called the Hermit Kingdom."

—  Maj.Gen. John H. Admire USMC (Ret.), former Head of 1st Marine Division 

Guardian Joe: How Less Force Helps the Warrior

“This is a critically important book that provides deep insights into the issues of morality in the way we conduct military operations in the 21st Century.  It is a must read for our political and military leaders as well as for every member [including the lowest ranks] of our Armed Forces.”

— Gen. Anthony C. Zinni USMC (Ret.), former commander of CENTCOM

Sinoland: The Subversion of Freedom's Bastion

“[Most] Americans see warfare as one dimensional, as in . . . George Patton driving his tanks across France.  That style has long since passed [in]to asymmetrical warfare.  Included . . . [are] economic, electronic, environmental, subversive [aspects], and the use of third party nations to fight America and drain away its strength. . . . John Poole summons America to chart a new path.”

— Kim Holien, retired U.S. Army historian of 35 years

Afrique: A Warning for America

“Poole is the consummate red teamer, and he proves it once again in this volume.  He digs into ... both the past and the present to challenge status quo perceptions (and misperceptions) regarding Chinese and radical Islamic intentions in Africa.  He supports his hypothesis with a wealth of insights and evidence.  Why haven’t more observers connected the dots?  Perhaps [it’s] because the implications are so troubling.”

— Dr. Mark Mateski, founder and editor of “Red Team Journal”

Strategic Rifleman: Key to More Moral Warfare

“‘There is a gap between the . . . [skill of our special-operations units] and the high-tech capabilities we are developing.  That gap has grown larger as we refuse to invest in our ground forces and make them more capable to meet the demands of today’s battlefield.  John Poole offers a unique and creative solution to fill that gap in Strategic Rifleman.

 —Gen. Anthony C. Zinni USMC (Ret.),                                      former Head of CENTCOM

What others have said about our books

“John Poole has done a wonderful and innovative job in weaving tactical lessons into a very readable and exciting set of books. I would highly recommend them to all NCOs and officers.” - Gen. Anthony C. Zinni USMC (Ret.) 

The Last Hundred Yards is "...the best book written on ground tactics in English in the last fifty years." - Bruce I. Gudmundsson (author of Stormtroop Tactics and co-author of On Infantry)

One More Bridge to Cross - “Poole puts together the ingredients of how to fight and win in the 21st Century.” - Infantry Magazine, Fall 2003

Phantom Soldier - “This affordable book needs to be read by all combat arms soldiers, all special operators, and all generals.” - Army Magazine, December 2001

The Tiger's Way - “All of it [the book] will make you better prepared for the future fight. I recommend it to all infantrymen and infantry leaders.” - Maj.Gen. Ray L. Smith USMC (Ret.).

For U.S. infantrymen, special operators, and SWAT members of all ranks, this website is for lowering the loss of life in armed conflict. Founded by a retired USMC gunnery sergeant (now reverted back to lieutenant colonel), Posterity Press first shows how all the latest warfare developments—4th-Generation, Hybrid, Maneuver, and Asymmetric—relate to history.  Then it presents heavily referenced (and fully illustrated) descriptions of how U.S. small units can become more tactically proficient in combat. 

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