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The Last Hundred Yards - The NCO's Contribution to Warfare

The Last Hundred Yards - The NCO's Contribution to Warfare


The collective opinion of roughly 2000 Marine infantry NCOs on how to add a little surprise to standard U.S. squad tactics—without violating doctrine. At least one elite branch of the U.S. armed forces prefers this reference to the government manuals.

This is what the critics have said:

"...provides a wealth of practical knowledge for small-unit leaders...that can't be found in any other single volume." - CMC ALMAR 152/98 (Commandant's Current Issues Reading List)

"...the best book written on ground tactics in English in the last fifty years." - Bruce I. Gudmundsson (author of Stormtroop Tactics and co-author of On Infantry)

"...fills the long-standing void by relating maneuver warfare concepts to techniques." - William S. Lind (author of Maneuver Warfare Handbook)

"This is a great piece of work....Inside the Beltway, people often forget that battles are won and lost in the last hundred yards." — 31st Marine Commandant

"...supports victory through stealth, deception and heavy reliance on small-unit leaders(')...ability to make their own decisions based on the situations at hand." - Leatherneck Magazine (Jul 97)

"...describes why the maneuver warfare used by task forces in the Persian Gulf War should be practiced at the squad level and presents ways for small units to train and develop tactical techniques for the future." - Army Magazine (Mar 98)

"...a valuable reference for teaching soldiers about small-unit operations and infantry techniques." - Special Warfare Magazine (Fall 97)

"...is well conceived, effectively presented, and delivered from an NCO perspective heretofore missing in the literature...(Its) tactics...are consistent...with FM 7-8." - Director of Training, U.S. Army Cadet Command (Jun 97)

"...really scores big with chapters on patrolling, the point man, indirect fire, the counterambush, and short-range infiltration." - Armor Magazine (Jan-Feb 98)

"...goes far beyond what any U.S. manual can say about the 'detail of tactical execution' - composite techniques required to execute any tactical maneuver." - Command Magazine (Oct 97)

"...this author immediately captures the interest of a small unit leader, teaching him about squad tactics while exposing him to warfighting concepts and history. An extremely comprehensive work, The Last Hundred Yards should be mentioned as an outside reference for squad tactics by division squad leaders' courses and would make a significant addition to the Commandant's Reading List for corporals and sergeants." - Marine Corps Gazette (July 99)

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Figures and Tables
Part One: The Shortfall in Recorded Knowledge
Chapter 1: The Anatomy of Small-Unit Victory
Chapter 2: Operate on Blind Luck or Win Consistently
Chapter 3: Improving One's Chances for Success
Chapter 4: Old Habits May Get in the Way
Chapter 5: A Different Style of Warfare May Be Necessary
Chapter 6: Perhaps the Role of the Small Unit Must Change

Chapter 7: Other Outlook on When to Advance and When to Hold

Chapter 8: Reassessing the Role of the Weapons
Part Two: Techniques from the NCO Corps
Chapter 9: Successfully Traversing a Battlefield
Chapter 10: Point Men
Chapter 11: Patrols That Look for Trouble
Chapter 12: Winning Chance Contact
Chapter 13: Evening Up the Odds with Indirect Fire
Chapter 14: The Great Equalizer - Close Air Support
Chapter 15: Counterambushing
Chapter 16: The Ultimate Ambush
Chapter 17: When Prepared Enemy Positions Are Encountered
Chapter 18: The Daylight Attack Is the Hardest
Chapter 19: Attack at Night to Save Lives
Chapter 20: The Safest Way to Attack -- Short-Range Infiltration
Chapter 21: Defend Only to Reestablish Momentum
Chapter 22: Surviving the Unthinkable - NBC Attack
Chapter 23: The Unbeatable Urban Defense
Chapter 24: What the Urban Attacker Must Know to Stay Alive
Chapter 25: Getting Ready to Meet the Test
Chapter 26: What All of This May Mean to the Big Picture
Appendix A: Inventory Test
Appendix B: Guidelines for a Free-Play Exercise
Appendix C: Eulogy to a Fallen Platoon Leader
Appendix D: Eulogy to a Fallen Staff Sergeant
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ISBN 0963869523

8 1/2" x 11" paperback with double columns, 424 pages, and 187 illustrations