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Global Warrior: Averting WWIII


This book is for all U.S. infantrymen and special operators in search of better assault, defense, and E&E methods. With many of their counterparts in South and East Asia already light-infantry experts, such a quest would be wise. Global Warrior contains three still vital tools: (1) the most detailed study of Pakistan's internal strife; (2) a fully tested/refined way for each U.S. unit to develop their own tactical techniques for specific scenarios; and (3) how a U.S. squad can reestablish surprise during a partially compromised assault. Requiring no technology at all, truly light infantrymen make the best trainers of Third-World soldiers. That's because those soldiers must usually operate without any supporting arms or advanced electronics of their own. Yet, light-infantry expertise can still be combined with camera/computer-triggered antitank rockets and other technological marvels. And contrary to the arms manufacturers' claims, those skilled at light-infantry maneuvers ARE ABLE TO hold their own in conventional battle.  

What People Are Saying

“This book sports a counter-intuitive cover, because ‘U.S. combat as usual’ is not getting the job done. It may carefully preserve GI lives, but it's still losing the wars.”
— GoodReads, May 2017

“With more worries at home, many Americans want to end all U.S. military involvement overseas. 'Global Warrior: Averting WWIII,' proves even more involvement is necessary, but of a different kind.”
— "Military Officer Magazine," March 2012

“American soldiers could find themselves at a disadvantage in the next global war unless they develop better . . . light infantry tactics. . . . [A] new book titled “Global Warrior: Averting WWIII” . . . points to possible threats from Islamist, Communist and criminals elements. . . . America may have the best equipment and finances . . . but [that] won’t add up to victory.” — Columbus Ledger-Enquirer (GA), 1 November 2011

“‘Global Warrior’ has several chapters devoted to advanced infantryman and police[man]-type tactics. . . . It is time to shift control of this vital asset from our higher military headquarters to the small-unit leader.” — Leatherneck, November 2011

“‘After watching the Soviet Union go bankrupt, the PRC [People’s Republic of China] has no intention of playing by Western rules,’ Poole writes in his latest book, ‘Global Warrior: Averting WWIII.” . . . . Poole says there’s a simple reason why a military U.S.-Sino standoff is unlikely. ‘With business extensions, peacekeeping contingents, pipeline security and intelligence services operating in every corner, the PLA [People’s Liberation Army] doesn’t need to invade anyone.’ He contends, ‘China doesn’t want to militarily occupy the world, simply to control its commerce and politics.’” — Aerospace Daily & Defense Report, 17 Aug 2011

“Renowned tactical expert John Poole, author of Expeditionary Eagles, Dragon Days, and others was at The MARINE Shop at Camp Lejeune on 15 September to sign his new book, Global Warrior.” — Marine Corps Assoc. Member Update, September 2011

“Poole’s ‘Global Warrior’ is an insightful, innovative, and unconventional approach to averting another global conflict. Today, [our] conventional thoughts and tactics are ineffective in engaging the unconventional character of modern combat. . . . Poole is a staunch advocate for small unit empowerment and leadership in combating the diverse dynamics of war.” — Maj.Gen. John H. Admire, USMC (Ret.), former commander of 1st Marine Division

“Global Warrior is for winning the next global war. Poole portrays the foes as: Islamists, Communists, and criminals. Our troops are ill-equipped to fight these foes, because of our ‘from the top’ oriented structure, strategy, and tactics. Our enemies are not thus constrained, and practicing operations from the ‘bottom up.’ We need a virtual revolution in our approach, moving to small highly trained units scattered around the world and abandoning the firepower and heavy operations not suited to modern warfare. I recommend this brilliant book to leaders at all levels.” — Col. Robert V. Kane U.S. Army (Ret.), publisher emeritus, Presidio Press

“Poole’s books are known by warfighters for raising questions that officials dare not discuss in public. For any in the defense industry and institutions to admit imperfection has become as taboo as noting that the emperor has no clothes. ‘Global Warrior’ is a must read for any who wish to improve the capabilities of our defense and security organizations and understand the techniques of our adversaries in a way that few Americans do.” — Chris Graham, editor, The Counter Terrorist, founding member of USMC Anti-Terrorism Bn.

“The [U.S.] squad is the basic building block of the infantry, and infantry is the basic building block of the Army. In asymmetrical warfare, the squad is the military formation that comes most in contact with the people and the enemy. It is therefore one of the key[s] . . . to victory. As the great coach Vice Lombardi stated some fifty years ago: ‘If you can’t block or tackle, then all the rest is meaningless.’ The squad is the tip of the spear.” — Kim Holien, professional military historian

Table of Contents
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Part One: The World’s Ongoing Crises
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: The National Intelligence Estimate
Chapter 3: The Islamist Threat
Chapter 4: The Communist Threat
Chapter 5: The Criminal Threat
Chapter 6: Where Threats Combine
Chapter 7: If Current Trends Continue
Part Two: A Closer Look at Peripheral Hot-Spots
Chapter 8: Latest Developments in Yemen
Chapter 9: Al-Qaeda’s Takeover of Somalia
Chapter 10: Much Depends on Pakistan
Chapter 11: The Resupply Routes into Afghanistan
Chapter 12: Why All the Trouble in Thailand?
Chapter 13: All This over Ocean Chokepoints?
Part Three: Averting WWIII through Tiny Detachments
Chapter 14: How Eastern Players Influence Things
Chapter 15: A U.S. Version of the Chinese Model
Chapter 16: How Best to Make a 4GW Difference
Chapter 17: Opportunity-Based Offense
Chapter 18: Opportunity-Based Defense
Chapter 19: Rifleman Tactics
Chapter 20: Acquiring Enough Individual Skill
Chapter 21: Policeman Tactics
Chapter 22: Conclusion
Appendix A: Bottom-Up Training
Appendix B: What’s Now Possible in War
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Excerpt from the Foreword

Only a few strategic thinkers have examined these growing challenges with fresh, new thinking. John Poole is one of them. His series of works have provided innovative and intelligent approaches to this problem. GLOBAL WARRIOR is the latest book to offer a new and insightful way to take on the threats. — Gen. Anthony C. Zinni USMC (Ret.), former head of CENTCOM

ISBN 978-0-9818659-3-5

Paperback: 414 pages, 103 illustrations